30 Days of Thanks: Day 30

It’s day 30…already! How can that be?! Seriously, November went by in a red-hot flash. Wow. And, I actually managed to post every day too. Yay!! So, here I am on the last day of the thankful challenge. I’ve said before, but it’s been great to post daily in gratitude. And, I plan to continue blogging daily in December with a photo challenge from I Heart Faces. I’ve also challenged my friend Dena  to participate in the challenge with me, so y’all stay tuned.

Back to gratitude. Because, hello, one more to go for the month of November. I have thought all month about what I wanted to post about for the final post of the month. I have gone back and forth on if the post should be somewhat deep or light or random or — WHAT? To say I over-thought this to some degree is an overstatement, actually. But, as I sat outside the girls’ school waiting for Mariana to get out of gymnastics after school yesterday, it came to me: I am thankful for children.

As I sat on a bench outside the school yesterday, I was near enough to a playground to hear the kids playing. I just have to say that hearing the laughter of children playing has always been one of my very favorite things. There is just something uplifting in the laughter of a child and when you add multiple children to that, well, it’s just plain joyful.  I love that kids can be so happy just being themselves. They don’t need a whole lot, really, to just have fun. No worries, no concerns – just living it up, like kids should get to do. It’s a beautiful thing.

I suppose it’s a given that I am thankful for children since I do have two daughters. Naturally, I am VERY thankful for them, as I have written about earlier this month. They are two beautiful miracles and answers to many prayers. But, you know, I have been a big fan of kids for a long time. I was the kid that always looked forward to babysitting when I got older. I always loved playing with kids and I still do, honestly. Kids bring joy and sunshine to life. They remind us that life doesn’t always have to be stuffy or stressful. They remind us to take some time, even as adults, to just do something fun and forget our troubles for a few minutes. They remind us of the beauty that life has to offer. I think that kids are pretty much just awesome.

So, since I’m posting about children today, I’m going to take this time to share a giving opportunity that’s easy and goes for a great cause. Please click here to visit the Share with Childrens website. On this site, you can view a truly beautiful video and you can also send a message of hope to patients at Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta. It only takes a few minutes to send a message  and Verizon will donate $3 per message sent, up to $30, 000! So, not only can you send a message  to a precious child, but you can also help raise funds for Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to do something amazing and special. Let us all be thankful for children because they are truly a gift from God. (Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him Psalm 127:3)

Have a blessed day, y’all…

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