December Photo-a-Day: Day 2

Today’s theme for the I Heart Faces December Photo-a-Day Challenge is “elf.”

Our Elf on the Shelf’s name is Kelsie Jingles. This is her second year with us. Previously, we had a boy elf named Steve. (Named after the monkey in the movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.) Kelsie Jingles’ big arrival date was yesterday, December 1. She made her first appearance in our Christmas tree. This morning we found her in a doll bed in Mariana’s room reading a book to some of Mariana’s baby dolls. Mariana was thrilled to find the elf in her room and also thrilled to find a note from Kelsie Jingles on our printer.

Kelsie Jingles (aka KJ) tends to get into some mischief around our house when she visits. She tends to keep us on our toes, that silly elf! Here are some of her adventures from last year:

She made mini-donuts:

She went fishing:

She drank syrup:

She created a snow village in our kitchen:

She took a marshmallow bubble bath.

These were just some of her antics from last year. She also drew on picture frames (with dry-eraser marker, thankfully), roasted a marshmallow over a candle, slept in a doll bed in one of Macey’s soccer socks, toilet-paper’ed the bathroom, strewed books all over Mariana’s room and MORE. We had fun with KJ and her many adventures last year and look forward to more this year.

Happy Sunday, y’all…


  1. Hey Kelly!  Cute Elf  – I love the mischief she got up to last year…has given me some ideas for “Tinky” in our house – so far she’s been a little reserved but that’s about to change!  

  2. kellymellen says:

    Hi, Ingrid!! 

    Having an adventurous elf is FUN!! There are lots of great ideas on Pinterest too. 🙂 Hope all is well with you and yours. 

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