December Photo-a-Day: Day 3

Today’s theme for the December I Heart Faces Photo-a-Day Challenge is “what you’re reading.” So, I present to you the book I am currently reading:

I am on the fourth book of the famous Harry Potter series. I didn’t read any of these books when they were originally released. Back then, I honestly had zero interest in the books. Until recently, Macey didn’t have any interest either. I started asking her if she’d like to read them when she was in second grade and she would insist that she didn’t want to read them and would “never” want to read them. Well, never say never, right? This year in fourth grade, she caught the HP bug. So, Mickey and I decided to read them as well. Somewhere along the line, Macey skipped us both. She is on to the fifth book and I think Mickey just finished the third. Or, he may still be working on it, I don’t recall. Anyway, point is – the three of us are reading through the series and we are all enjoying it. Of course, now Miss Mariana is interested, so we may read the first one with her over the summer.

The Harry Potter series is well written and highly entertaining. Sure, there are some dark elements, but we already knew to expect those and talked them over with Macey ahead of time. Plus, she knows that these books are fiction and noting to worry about in “real life.” We also watch the movies when we are done with the books. The catch is, you cannot watch the movie until you’ve read the book because, as we all know, no matter how well a movie is done, the book is always better.

So, there you have it. My current reading material. It’s not new material, but it’s good reading nonetheless.

Have a great Monday,



  1. I love the Harry Potter series. My Owen is reading them now

  2. kellymellen says:

    I am really enjoying them too. We’d love to take the girls to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando next autumn, as well. 🙂

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