December Photo-a-Day: Day 7

Today’s theme for the December I Heart Faces Photo-a-Day Challenge is “the view from here.”

Mariana is home sick from school today*, so I have been in the family room having some chill time with her before it’s time to call the ped. When I was sitting on the sofa, Dasher came up to get some kitty snuggles too and he seemed to pose for a photo. So, I grabbed my iPhone and snapped a photo of him on the Christmas pillows on the sofa. And, he became my “view from here” moment for today.

It’s only fitting that Dasher should hang out on Christmas pillows since he is a Christmas kitty. When Macey was in kindergarten, she asked daily for a cat. So, it was decided that Santa would bring her one that year. MiMi (my sweet step-mom) knew that we wanted an orange tabby, so she found this beautiful boy at a humane society near where they live. She kept him for a few days and then I picked him up on Christmas Eve. How we kept him hidden in the basement, I’ll never know. He was in a little carrier all ready for Macey on Christmas morning. The poor thing had a respiratory issue when we first got him, so he had to have antibiotics and breathing treatments, but he was a trooper and sailed through it. Since day one, he’s been the best kitty ever. He is so laid back and easy going. He loves kitty snuggles and scratches behind the ears. He deals with me giving him belly rubs too. He is our buddy and we are thankful to have gotten him four years ago.

*Mariana will be going to the pediatrician today. She was home sick yesterday too. I think it’s “just” a virus – fever, sore throat, etc. But, since we are approaching the weekend, I’m taking the “better safe than sorry” approach and seeing the doc today. Our poor little girl is missing her first sleepover AND cannot visit her friend Bea, understandably. So, hopefully, she will bounce back quickly.

Hope you all have a great Friday,

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